12 Days of Switch Explainer Videos: Altrius Capital

Happy Holidays from Switch Video! For the next 12 days, we’ll be counting down some of our favorite explainer videos and discussing a few key points as to what makes these videos great.

First up on the list is Altrius Capital, an investment advisory firm based out of North Carolina.

Watch the video below:

This video was a joy to create and stole a spot on the list for a couple of reasons. What really works in this video is the use of metaphor in the storytelling. By comparing a dangerous and sweltering jungle to todays volatile investment climate, the viewer immediately understands the story setting. Taking it even further, we are introduced to an Aardvark which is an animal known for being slow and steady. By using an animal that is careful and meticulous about how it collects food in an unforgiving environment, we can understand how Altrius Capital handles it’s investment strategies. The rest of the story sinks the message deeper, comparing how their competitors behave, and giving the viewer a clear message – Altrius Capital is the better firm to handle your investments.

By using animal characters we’re also able to expand on the visual creativity of the video. We’re able to use a different set of colors and exaggerate facial features to further hone in on Altrius’ message. A great thing about using animated characters (animal or otherwise), is the fact that they offer the video a long shelf life. The video won’t get dated by what people are wearing, how they look, or what technology they’re using.

This video is visually appealing, fun, and unique while also being well-written and engaging, it’s a no-brainer why Altrius Capital is on our 12 Days of Switch Explainer Videos list. If you’re looking for a fun way to explain your services or products, consider going with the furrier option. It’s a sure-fire way for your corporate video to stand out from the competition!

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