12 Days of Switch Explainer Videos: DynAdmic

Happy Holidays from Switch Video! For the next 11 days, we’ll be counting down some of our favorite explainer videos and discussing a few key points as to what makes these videos great.

Second on the list is DynAdmic, a marketplace allowing media buyers to purchase premium online video advertising inventory through a proprietary audio recognition technology that targets specific audiences based on the video’s content.

Mouthful huh? See how easily we explained it in the video below:

Whiteboard videos are one of our most popular styles. They are simple, straightforward, and work well for complicated topics and fact-driven scripts. As the concept of DynAdmic is technical, a whiteboard video allows us to explain the material in an educational yet visually appealing way.

For this video, we took a blackboard approach as opposed to the traditional whiteboard style. Using blackboard not only ensures the video fits into DynAdmic’s existing color scheme, it also helps text and images pop – drawing the viewers eye to important information. Paired with a good script, this video is informative, to the point, and successfully explains a complicated topic in only 60 seconds.

12 Days of Switch Explainer Videos:

  1. Altrius Capital

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