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We all get Holiday emails this time of year from the businesses we support. How delightful! A company you enjoy working with is showing its appreciation and respect to YOU, their customers. Moreover, it’s a wonderful opportunity for businesses to stay top of mind as we prepare to go into Q1 and a new spending year.

How successful are these emails? If every company you do business with sends you one and your mind is focused on looming deadlines, travel plans, or family commitments; are you likely to pay attention?

Mentioning Video in Email Increases Open Rates

In order to stand out in a busy inbox, you need to attract your readers with more than “Happy Holidays.” We know that including video as a call to action in the body of an email increases click to open rates by 53% over emails without an obvious mention of video content. Did you also know that mentioning a video in the subject line increases open rates from 7% to 13%? That’s almost double!

Taking it a step further, mentioning a personalized video in the subject line increases the open rate by 272%!

This is why our partner, Vidyard, asked us to help them with their holiday email video this year. Harnessing the power of personalized video, we took information already existing in Vidyard’s MAP to personalize a fun holiday video sent to thousands of recipients. Check out an example of the 45-second video personalized for Tony below:

Vidyard Holiday Email: 12 Days of Video Marketing Gifts for Tony

Vidyard Email, Switch Video

Tyler Lessard, CMO for Vidyard, reports that early results show the Click Through Rate for this campaign is 2.1 times higher than the average CTR for similar past email blasts. In terms of engagement, 71% of viewers watched the video all the way through. That’s about 20% higher than the industry norm.

Personalized video makes a great holiday treat, but it’s also incredibly useful throughout the year to engage, or re-engage, prospects.

For more information about how Switch Merge can be a part of your 2015 marketing campaigns check out the video below and leave us your contact information. We’ll respond with a video tailored to you!

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