12 Days of Switch Explainer Videos: Craig Rosenberg

Happy Holidays from Switch Video! For the next 5 days, we’ll be counting down some of our favorite explainer videos and discussing a few key points as to what makes these videos great.

Eighth on the list is Criag Rosenberg, a marketing and sales advisor, Co-founder of TOPO, and writer of the Funnelholic blog.

Check out the video below:

This video is a little different from most other explainer videos as it’s promoting the services of a person as opposed to a business or organization. This is a great opportunity to let the personality of the individual shine through, giving the video a rich and personal touch.

Through storytelling and appealing visuals, we explore Craig’s skills, his thought process, and his humor. It’s a soft call to action at the end – check out his blog.

Videos with general, yet useful, information are great for top of the funnel content. By having a fun, memorable, and engaging message you ensure you stay top of mind when prospects are considering their options. As this video is for an individual, it’s also a great way to connect with potential clients. Sharing a video that highlights your skills, accomplishments, and personality are a sure fire way to get noticed and make it easy for customers to know what you’re all about in 60 seconds or less. It would have taken a page, or more, of text to cover all this material.

Have you checked out our previous post about Craig Rosenberg? Spoiler: There are some silly pictures of him in it!

12 Days of Switch Explainer Videos:

  1. Altrius Capital
  2. DynAdmic
  3. Juice Mobile
  4. Global Online Academy
  5. Intermedia
  6. NetConneXion
  7. Media Society

Come back tomorrow for more!

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