12 Days of Switch Explainer Videos: TOPO

Happy Holidays from Switch Video! For the next 2 days, we’ll be counting down some of our favorite explainer videos and discussing a few key points as to what makes these videos great.

Eleventh on the list is TOPO, a research and advisory firm that helps companies grow faster by helping sales and marketing professionals adopt the patterns and behaviors that drive exceptional growth.

Check out the video below:

We are almost at the end of our 12 Day Explainer Video list! We hope you have been enjoying watching just as much as we have enjoyed sharing. Just two more to go, with the second to last being for TOPO.

TOPO wanted a video that simply explains what they do. Since their service might seem complicated, they needed a style that would be able to convey their message while still connecting with their audience. They opted for an animated style, which is perfect for the type of message that they wanted to illustrate.

We can say with confidence, that TOPO made the right choice! These awesome characters  are snappy, well-dressed, and seasoned sales professionals. Using the buyer persona to its advantage, this video speaks to those sales professionals and conveys industry knowledge, confidence, and a valuable service.

For more information about TOPO and the Buying Experience, check out our previous post: The Buyer’s Experience Vs. the Sales Cycle

12 Days of Switch Explainer Videos:

  1. Altrius Capital
  2. DynAdmic
  3. Juice Mobile
  4. Global Online Academy
  5. Intermedia
  6. NetConneXion
  7. Media Society
  8. Craig Rosenberg
  9. ReImagine 1
  10. ReImagine 2

Come back tomorrow for the last video on the 12 Days of Switch Explainer Videos list!

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