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Ryan Noel, Media Specialist at BLASTmedia, called video “the great equalizer” for most marketing budgets. One benefit of video is that it’s a relatively low-cost option in contrast with other promotional strategies. You can also target specific groups of people with digital video, rather than showing an ad to anyone who happens to be watching TNT. And, as iMedia Connection recently pointed out, people don’t generally watch television commercials anymore. More than 20 percent of all TV ads aren’t seen. With digital video, marketers can target viewers by interest far more specifically than they can with television audiences.

Consequently, viewing habits are changing. When we asked Noel about future trends, he suggested that common key performance indicators like growing sales and brand awareness could become less important than audience engagement.

“How much am I engaging with the audience? How much are they engaging with us? That’s going to be the key factor,” Noel said.

Where Do Explainer Videos Fit in with All of This?

Marketers have different needs from video content, whether it’s ads or educational material. According to Noel, BLASTmedia has an internal department that creates excellent motion graphic videos. While these videos are great for 15- to 30-second short ads, the content typically misses a crucial educational component.

“That’s where a content strategy comes into effect,” Noel said.

Companies can use motion graphic for some videos, animated for others, and simply design educational content around it, he added.

With video, businesses have access to a cost-effective solution that delivers return on investment time after time. And within this ecosystem, the explainer video still plays an vital role in teaching customers and driving engagement.

Watch the video below to hear more on what Ryan Noel had to say:

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