Chris Gorell-Barnes on the Importance of Explainer Videos

Chris Gorell-Barnes, Switch Video

In an interview with Switch, Chris Gorell-Barnes, CEO and Founder of Adjust Your Set, talked about why video continues to dominate the digital space, including its measurability and its view-ability on mobile.

“Marketing needs to move into a more measurable area,” Gorell-Barnes told Switch.

Video is an exciting content field for many marketers because of its measurability. As technology becomes more sophisticated, marketers are able to demonstrate return on investment for more of their campaigns.

According to an infographic from Vidyard, videos are easier to track than text-based content, making it a great resource for marketers. More than 40 percent of marketers are able to capture video content metrics across all channels, compared to just 16 percent of marketers using other forms of content. And video is not just easy to track, it’s also effective in converting customers, as Gorell-Barnes knows from experience.

“Between 15 and 20 percent of people that watch our video content then go on to take an action,” he said.

Viewers Are Going Mobile and Have Shorter Attention Spans

Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to stream content. Often, these users are hooking up their mobile devices to television sets rather than signing up for cable packages.

In fact, a study from Magid Advisors cited by Forbes found that 60 percent of those in the U.S., between 8 and 64, prefer watching video-based entertainment on an Internet connected device instead of a TV.

As viewers become more versatile in this way, Gorell-Barnes noted that brands will need to start making content specifically for mobile devices, and it will need to be personal, location-based, and take the user journey on unique devices into account.

On top of that, digital has made attention spans even shorter when it comes to video. The introduction of Vine and video on Instagram have demonstrated that users can create engaging content that is only a few seconds long.

How Will All of This Impact Explainer Videos?

Content needs to get more compelling, Gorell-Barnes said. As digital video takes over traditional television, expectations for quality are rising in the digital sphere.

Explainer videos will continue to be important, and as brands begin to think more like media businesses, explainer videos may get better, he added.

“If you’re explaining a product or service you have, the quality of that should be as high as other video content,” said Gorell-Barnes. Watch the interview to see more!

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