7 Blog Posts That Point You Toward a Great Explainer Video Company

A good explainer video may be worth its metaphorical weight in gold. These bite-size educational capsules provide important details about your product or service while supporting your brand and developing your sales funnel.

Of course, some explainer videos are worth more than others, and the same can be said about the companies that make them. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of seven blog posts that will point your company toward the El Dorado of explainer videos. Without any further ado, let’s start exploring!

1. Quora’s answer to the question: Who are the top “explainer” video production companies?

Quora is an informal question-and-answer community that draws plenty of experts and people who work in relevant fields. The question posed above led to more than 450 answers and has a compilation of companies mentioned throughout the responses at the top of the page. It also offers some reputation-based guidelines for selecting the right company, such as having already produced more than 100 videos and producing work for large or global companies. It can take a while to read through all of the replies to the comments, but some of the most salient info is collected at the top.

2. TOP Alternatives’ “Top 10 companies that create animated explainer videos

What this post loses in written content (there’s very little), it makes up in two ranking systems: recommendations from the site itself and popularity. Each company has an example video displayed, along with a link to its website. If you’re ready to dive into the sites of different explainer video companies and looking at examples, this post is a great start. One thing to note is it focuses on animated videos that, while popular, aren’t the only option out there – live action works too. That said, there’s plenty of potential gold to be found here.

3. Hubspot’s “20 examples of fabulous explainer videos

While Hubspot’s offering is platform agnostic – it doesn’t recommend a specific video company – it provides a list of attributes related to good videos and offers a wide variety of examples, covering many industries and markets. This is an especially good resource if you want to see how a company in a similar market worked with an explainer video company and developed successful results – you could even reach out ask which provider that business worked with.

4. Video Brewery’s “The 10 best startup explainer videos … ever

While this list focuses on startups, it provides some valuable guidance to all types of businesses. Video Brewery, which is a subsidiary of popular explainer video company Demo Duck, provides a list that includes a variety of different products, services and conceptual executions. The variety in styles, along with a link in most cases to the producing studio, make this a useful blog post. Video Brewery has a few of Demo Duck’s explainer videos on the list, and that may seem like homerism, but the examples provided are quite good.

5. Top 5 List’s “The best explainer video companies

This quick video gives you a rundown of five exceptional explainer video companies in less than a minute – 46 seconds to be exact. If you’re looking for an especially fast path that will help your exploration of the explainer video market off to a great start, this video can definitely fit the bill. Of course, the fact that we made the No. 1 spot in Top 5 List’s rankings doesn’t hurt.

6. Cuillin Collective’s “The top explainer video companies

Cullin Collective has been making explainer videos since 2009, so we’ll forgive them for taking the top spot in their in-house rankings of explainer video companies. We came in No. 10, among some other high-quality companies. The fact that these rankings come from people in the explainer video business means a different and valuable perspective on different businesses. No matter how you choose to explore the explainer video companies, this list will provide some useful help.

7. Best Web Design Agencies’ “Top 10 explainer video companies

While the title of this list doesn’t stand out among the rest we’ve reviewed, Best Web Design Agencies’ approach to maintaining it is unique. The organization reranks different explainer video companies on a regular basis and provides in-depth information about number of clients, staff size and other metrics that aren’t commonly seen. If you’re looking for a living reference tool, it’s hard to beat this one.

Want to strike gold in your efforts to find the best explainer video company? Do your research, compare examples, talk to the businesses and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you can pursue these objectives and determine what makes a good fit for your business, you’ll find explainer video gold.

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