Switching It Up: Switch Video Announces New Ownership & Strategic Vision For Expansion

Explainer video studio, Switch Video, reveals new ownership & strategic vision for expansion in the online creative video industry.

Switch Video, an early pioneer in the explainer video market, has confirmed today that it has been acquired by new owners with a strategic vision to grow the existing explainer video market and leverage evolving technology to position itself as a leader in the video animation marketing industry. Brandon Houston, Switch Video’s new CEO and President, is now the majority owner of the company. Houston comes from a technology and online marketing background having owned a web and mobile application development business in Southwestern Ontario for 11 years.  As part of the change in ownership, Houston has also inked a deal to make the company employee owned through shares.

“I am incredibly proud of the team we have here at Switch. The creative power of our artists and writers combined with the skills of everyone in sales and management is the reason why we’ve had the chance to work with so many great clients. The experience of the team as a whole and how well they work together is why Switch has been so successful. For that reason, moving the company in the direction of employee ownership seems like the most logical choice to me. It’s an amazing time for the company and I’m extremely excited to be working with the team at Switch.”

The announcement promises exciting changes for Switch Video’s clients, but Houston made a point to stress that it is business as usual at the company. “With these changes we are able to continue providing the great service that our clients are familiar with, while also looking at the future of the industry and expanding our offerings.”


About Switch Video

Switch Video is a creative animation studio established in 2006 by Andrew Angus. Switch produces animated videos that “explain what you do” in an engaging and compelling format. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, UNESCO, GE, CISCO, American Express and many more have hired Switch Video to produce over 650 videos in 15 countries and 10 different languages since it’s launch.

To find out more, visit us www.switchvideo.com or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Youtube

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