The micro-moments trend and how it impacts video marketing

The mass adoption of Internet-connected mobile devices has lead to a new digital lifestyle. Because consumers can connect to the Internet for any reason at any time, their behavior has slowly evolved into a series of short online sessions. Most of the time, these brief periods of use take place on the go. First of all, mobile’s share of online use grew 20 percent in 2014. Meanwhile, the time spent per visit decreased 18 percent. Consumers use their devices more often but for shorter periods at a time. Google has started to call these short spans of use “moments.” According to Google’s report, “Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile,” we check our phones 150 times each day, and each session lasts an average of 1 minute and 10 seconds.

“Micro-moments represent a crucial shift for marketers.”

One reason behind this trend is that mobile users are expert multitaskers. One common example of this is mobile-users researching products while they’re in stores. Overall, 91 percent of smartphone users will turn to their phones in the middle of a task for more insight into what they’re doing. Ninety percent also say they have used their phone to make progress toward a long-term goal while out and about.

Mobile users are also active on their devices while in the middle of binge-watching their favorite shows on Netflix. According to a Facebook report, 70 percent of millennials access the social platform while watching television or movies, often to engage in conversations about what they’re viewing. The key takeaway is that consumer activities drive their behavior online.

This represents a crucial shift for marketers, and it will have an impact on all campaigns, including video marketing strategies. When consumers want access to information, they can get it immediately, in real time. This means marketers need to increase their focus on user intent and being in the right place to take advantage of it.

How to take advantage of the trend
According to Google, there are four types of video moments, and each one can be considered a unique step on the path to purchase. They can roughly be divided up like this:

  • Seeking entertainment or inspiration.
  • Researching or learning.
  • How-to or instruction.
  • Deciding what to buy.

So how can you take advantage of micro-moments with video marketing? Here are a few ideas:

Consider length
No form of content has been more affected by the micro-moment than video has. In an environment where users check into the digital world briefly and check out again, short videos are becoming more successful. According to VentureBeat, 200 million active users log in every month to view six-second looping videos on Vine. According to Financial Times, the number of videos viewed on Snapchat just hit 6 billion. Videos on this platform are limited to 10 seconds or fewer. This doesn’t mean you need to chop videos down to just a few seconds, but it’s important to consider length and make sure you don’t include more content than you need. Remember each micro-moment lasts just a little over one minute on average.

Mobile user
Mobile users access the Internet in a series of moments.

Make your videos eye-catching
When you are scrolling through your social feeds, what makes you stop and watch a video? Generally, it’s something eye-catching, but also something that meets your needs at that moment. Be sure to start your video off strong to get the viewer’s attention and be sure your brand makes an impact right away. Similarly, if the video isn’t hosted in an environment it will autoplay, like Facebook, it’s crucial to consider the splash page. You might want to A/B test different images to see which one audiences are most likely to engage with. It can be surprising what a big difference two separate images will make for conversions. Calls to action and video placement on the page are also important variables to test.

Be there and be relevant
The No. 1 thing to consider when integrating the micro-moment trend into video marketing is that intent is likely to be more important than demographics. The most important way to take advantage of users’ sessions is to be in the right place at the right time. Google found 1 in 3 smartphone users purchased from a different business than they initially planned because the brand was there when they needed it. Brands should utilize pay-per-click advertising and paid posts on social media to make sure their video marketing is in the right place at the right time.

“Find out what customers need right now.”

Here’s how it works: Google called out, which created a series of two-minute step-by-step videos to help first-time homebuyers navigate a daunting research process. The company discovered that many prospective homebuyers were using search engines to research how to go about the process and followed up with small pieces of content it would be easy to consume as they went about their day.

Another example the report cited was Red Roof Inn. When the motel chain realized how many people are stranded by cancelled or delayed flights each day, the brand used targeted search ads to help stranded travelers find quick lodging.

Marketing no longer has to fit a certain mold, and marketers should embrace these changes. As video splinters into moments, marketers have the opportunity to reach out to unique customers, not only by demographics, but also by intent. Find out what your customers need right now, and deliver video content that helps them fulfill these needs.

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