6 ways animated videos can benefit your business

All businesses can benefit from the power and beauty that is animated videos. They bring brands to life, give animators a valuable opportunity to expand their portfolios and create new streams of revenue for businesses around the world. However, not all animated content is created equal, and there must be a delicate balance between corporate and personal when animating. Animated videos give your audience a deeper look into your brand, but what else can these incredible creations do?

Here are the six unique ways animated corporate video can help your brand image and increase ROI today:

1. Showcase your audience
Who’s the most important person in the room beside you? Your audience, of course. Your audience wants to feel like they are part of the show, and including them as characters can help them feel involved with your brand, according to Digital Brew. Begin by developing your typical audience persona. Where do they live? What are their hobbies? What position do they hold in a company? Are they male or female, young or old? What do they fear? Once you’ve nailed down this character, you can incorporate them into a series of videos and make your brand seem more human. Once your brand is seen as personable, your ROI will increase.

2. Increases brand awareness
According to Jeff Bullas, a marketing and ROI blogger, branded animated videos can increase awareness and draw viewers to your brand colors. For example, if your brand’s assets include grey, turquoise and white, your branded animated videos should also include those colors. This will help your brand become recognizable even at a glance. Take for example Facebook’s signature blue color. This calming and familiar blue has been seen by millions throughout the world.

Consumers watching your video will be interested in seeing your brand's personality.Consumers watching your video will be interested in seeing your brand’s personality.

3. A chance for interaction
According to Reel SEO, videos will be interactive across multiple platforms in 2016. This means that videos, depending on the viewer’s choices, will have a different outcome each time. This gives your consumers a chance to create riveting and engaging content that will inspire your viewers to see the brand’s humanity. Unfortunately, interactive videos are not compatible on mobile platforms. Because of this, you should check to see if most of your viewers are on mobile or desktop websites before investing in an interactive video or animated series.

4. Entertainment value
Above all else, shoppers want to feel entertained. What could be more entertaining than an animated video that shows and tells the viewer exactly what they need to hear? According to Kissmetrics, using animated videos can help your brand provide much-needed entertainment to a potentially dry topic such as taxes, training videos or product explainer videos. After multiple drafts of a video have been created, run an A/B test across social media and company websites to see if the video performs well. This can help you determine what is resonating the most effectively with your brand and audience.

5. Strong words
Sometimes, a video won’t load properly on a mobile page or third-party Internet browser. If this is the case, Quick Sprout recommends building a strong script for your videos. More often than not, a video will run the audio before it runs the visuals. Viewers and listeners must be able to interpret the video’s meaning without visuals. This is also extremely important for viewers with disabilities such as blindness. As well, make sure all videos are subtitled in multiple languages for viewers who are deaf or do not speak your native tongue.

Viewers with hearing impairments will benefit from subtitles in your animated videos.Viewers with hearing impairments will benefit from subtitles in your animated videos.

6. A chance for expression
Above all else, shoppers want to see that the brands they’re interacting with are personable and have vibrant traits. For example, take a financial institution such as Chase versus a large clothing retailer like Old Navy. While both are businesses, both brands have vastly different ways of expressing themselves through animated video or mediums. Make sure that the animated video you are creating gives an accurate depiction of your brand’s personality from the very start. If your brand needs to explain a hyper-specific product in detail, consider an animated whiteboard video. If your brand is off-the walls and erratically fun, consider a claymation video showing your brand’s and irreverent fun side. The more you express, the more human your brand becomes!

Animated videos can add positivity, personality, trustworthiness and increased ROI to your brand. Want to engage viewers even more with your videos? Offer special discounts in the body of a post with an animated video and a click-thru link. This link will increase traffic to your website and total ROI on your video. As an added bonus, give your consumers another small completion animation thanking them for visiting your website.

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