Video and your sales funnel can work hand-in-hand to drive great results. According to TechTarget, 65% of buyers will have already downloaded four to seven pieces of content before they will even consider purchasing from your company. For that reason, you need to have quality content to help move buyers through your sales funnel.   

The versatility of video allows you to create engaging content for use throughout the funnel. More effective than text, video and visual content allow potential customers to feel more connected to your brand and more confident in your brand. Create video and you can use it as marketing material for email campaigns, social media platforms, sales pitches, conferences, and meetings.

Today’s Buyers

Buyers are acting more independently than ever. They reach for content first and salespeople second. So greet them with informative video content to ensure your brand stays fresh in their mind. Video allows you to deliver crucial information in a condensed and engaging way. Here are some ideas for effectively using video for each level of the sales funnel:

Audience conversion funnelTop of the Funnel: Leads

At the the top of the funnel you are looking for leads. Leads are at the beginning of their buying journey. They are delving into your brand and seeing if your company is a good fit with their needs.

An explainer video at this stage provides your audience with a clear idea of the value of your offering. Explainer videos with a strong storytelling focus are a big hit at the top of the funnel. Create a memorable story about your services and company culture.  Aim for stories that will linger in the minds of viewers and keep your brand front and center.

Providing all the details about the features and benefits of your product at the top of funnel isn’t as critical. Instead work to make a memorable first impression that generates interest and leads. Further down the funnel you can provide the specifics of your products and service.

Done right, interviews with polished company executives and well-spoken industry leaders can offer thought leadership.  Thought leadership is an effective top of funnel offering.  You’re experts, not just salespeople. Additionally, putting a face to your company helps add a human touch to your sales process. Prospects will feel more connected to your brand.  It is clear evidence your focus on more than just making a quick sale. You are building trust.

Don’t forget to end any top of funnel video with a thoughtful call to action.  CTAs helps viewers determine what to watch and do next. You’re aiming to move them through to the next phase of the funnel.

847987566Mid-Funnel: Educate

Once prospects are interested in your brand as a whole, they’re ready for more specific information on exactly what your product does and how it will solve their problems. Mid-funnel is perfect for more detailed educational video content.  Some brands chose to gate their educational content in order to capture valuable buyer information.  

When you are using video mid-funnel, you are aiming to provide leads with the essential information they need to make an informed decision about your product or service.

Create a screencast, product tour or demo video to provide buyers with a more intimate look at the how the features and benefits of your product solve their problems. If your product integrates with other platforms create a demo video that shows how your product integrates seamlessly with existing platforms.

Video case studies and testimonials are impactful at this point. These videos demonstrate how well the product is working for others and highlight additional use cases leads may not be aware of.

Mid-funnel CTAs should be geared toward product demos and trials. Encourage potential customers to try your company on for size!

Bottom of the Funnel: Post–Sale

Congratulations. You’ve sealed the deal. Now you want to build brand loyalty and keep your new customer happy and in touch for years to come.  Video can help. How about a short trailer for an upcoming webinar? Consider repurposing older webinar recordings. Visual step-by-step videos that detail more powerful or advanced offerings are great to share. You are welcoming customers into your brand’s community of learning – helping them get great value out of your offering.  

Do we ever thank our customers enough? You might elect to produce a charming animated thank-you video.

If a lead has just purchased a service or a product with installation or servicing details you can create a “next steps” video. Your new customers will know what they can expect in terms of timelines, deliverables, processes and new points of contact in your organization. You’ve worked hard to make a sale. The va-add of video throughout the funnel provides big payoffs.  

Make the Prospect’s Journey Seamless

Above all, make the buyer’s journey through the sales funnel as seamless as possible. Video works to smooth the way.   

Offering video throughout the funnel is ideal. But how do you make offering video an easier process for your organization? Develop a comprehensive video marketing strategy one that explicitly takes the sales funnel into account. Your organization can budget, plan in advance and then meet it’s video marketing needs for the sales funnel.  

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