IGTV is Here – Celebrating A New Channel For Video

Betting on Mobile Video

Instagram got the memo: by 2021 mobile video will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic. Betting heavily on the growing popularity of mobile video, Instagram launched IGTV earlier this month.

IGTV LogoWhat is IGTV?

Instagram TV.  IGTV is an app on its own and also available within Instagram.  IGTV lets users watch long-form vertical videos. Right now videos within the “Stories” area of Instagram are limited to 15 seconds.

Taking a Bite Out of YouTube?

IGTV allows users to upload up to one hour of content per video  – creating some serious competition for YouTube. Now in addition to having the ability to post photos and videos to their Instagram feed, make Stories that last for 24 hours, influencers will be able to stream long-form videos with  IGTV. There is no longer a need to redirect audiences to YouTube. Influencers can post all their content in one place. And so can your business.

The Background on IGTV

Anyone can create their own IGTV channel, where they can share long-form video content with their followers.  Right now it’s up to 10 minutes of video for most accounts and up to an hour for verified accounts. Instagram has said that eventually there will be no time limit.

“By 2021 mobile video will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic.”


Hybrid Mobile/TV experience

IGTV is purpose built for watching videos on phones.  Consider it a hybrid mobile/TV experience. Like TV, IGTV automatically starts playing when you turn it on and a home for long form product. Users can like or comment on IGTV while you are watching or just move on to another video with a simple swipe. Emojis, hashtags and locations are all enabled.

Keep it Casual and Do it Right

You don’t have to create super polished video in order to upload it to IGTV.  You cannot shoot videos from the IGTV app itself. So be sure to shoot with the a href=”https://fossbytes.com/igtv-app-tips-instagram/”>IGTV format in mind.

Your IGTV videos must be :

  • MP4 file format,
  • Vertical with an aspect ratio between 4:5 and 9:16
  • Between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long (1 hour for verified accounts)
  • Maximum file size of 650 MB (5.4 GB for 1 hour videos)

Other advice for would-be IGTV creators – When shooting video, leave margin around your subject matter to allow for zooming and cropping. Try not to include many distractions in the background or consider a blurred background. Creating video that is neat and simple with ample lighting will go a long way when it comes to creating engaging IGTV.

No Ads

Right now there are no ads or paid subscriptions on IGTV but according to TechCrunch, Instagram execs say IGTV is a reasonable place to offer advertising options.  With Facebook ad costs rising, moving ad dollars to Instagram could make sense for many businesses.


IGTV for Business - Instagram for Business

IGTV for Business

To many Instagram is just a millennial influencer platform.  But IGTV looks like a promising new platform, and, as such, you should experiment with it now. Get in early while business offerings are few and far between.  Consider IGTV an opportunity to make a personal connection and show how “in the moment” your brand is.

The Importance of Your Own Channel for Business

Create your own IGTV channel and your business will be able to upload content with the important “description” statement that allows for clickable likes to take people outside IGTV.

The Best Business Content for IGTV

There are so many potential business use cases for IGTV.   Here’s a list to get you thinking:

  • Tutorials and educational videos
  • Video FAQs
  • Internal training and onboarding videos
  • Product demonstrations
  • Corporate press conferences and CEO public announcements
  • Interviews with subject matter experts and customers
  • Behind-the-scenes footage and tours of your workplace
  • Meet the team profiles
  • Repurpose videos that you have already posted on Facebook or YouTube

Make any of your business’s IGTV offerings recurring and you have a regular “show” for viewers to view.

IGTV Content Checklist

  1. Are you adding value? Think like your customer here.
  2. Is it entertaining? Boring is not IGTV’s style.
  3. Does it increase awareness? What does your audience need to know?
  4. Include a call-to-action.   What would you like your viewer to do next?


As with any new platform, it’s difficult to know what will succeed for your organization, so try a number of things.  Keep close tabs on the performance of each video measuring critical attributes like retention rates and average percentage watched.  This data will help you develop a better understanding of your audience and IGTV.

Welcome IGTV. Home of the casual (and vertical).


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