Hook, Line, Sinker: Using Video to Flow Through the Funnel

If it seems like we’re champions for using video as a marketing and sales tool, it’s because we are. It’s also because it works! We’ve helped our clients grow their business, explain their product or service, generate leads and more using video.

Today we want to help you harness the power of video medium to not just generate leads but to move those leads through your sales funnel, from initial contact to signed contract.

The typical sales funnel looks like this:

  1. At the top of the funnel we have Awareness. Awareness is usually generated through broad sweeping methods, attracting a multitude of prospects to learn more about your offering, thus generating awareness.
  2. Discovery or Consideration is next down the funnel. This is where prospects are qualified and the methods used to drive them further down the funnel become more targeted towards their needs.
  3. Evaluation follows Discovery and Consideration and is located mid-funnel. This critical step is where your prospect (hopefully) transitions into a customer. Specifications regarding your offering are discussed and the interaction becomes much more personal.
  4. If your lead opts in, they’re now in the Intent phase of the funnel, also known as mid, to lower funnel. This is when negotiations take place and an offer is usually presented.
  5. Once an agreement is met, your prospect becomes a customer. Hooray!
  6. Finally, at the bottom of the funnel is the small but mighty faction of your customer base that are your loyalists and occasionally, product ambassadors. Though they may account for a small portion of your customers, they are not to be undervalued as their repeat business and referrals can account for exponential lifetime value.

When you review the sales funnel, how are you attracting and moving your audience through each phase?

We’re strong believers in the power of video and how it can be used to generate and move leads through the funnel. If you’re relying on traditional sales and marketing methods to attract leads, that’s fine. There’s a time and place for everything and traditional methods that have proven their effectiveness shouldn’t be disregarded altogether. However, we do implore you to consider integrating more modern, digital marketing methods into your lead generation efforts.

Based on the sales funnel above, we’ve listed some ways in which video can be leveraged during each phase:

  1. Awareness. Spray and pray! You have a limited time to capture your viewers’ attention so keep this video short, compelling and social-friendly. Shareable content is king in that your audience will be amplified based on the viewers sharing it with their networks. Don’t forget to include a strong call to action! Include links where possible, annotations and provide a clear next step.
  2. Discovery / Consideration. For this phase, we recommend leveraging gated content. Because the investment of the viewer is greater (in terms of time and information), so too should be the value. Give them an actionable tip as a teaser for what they can expect should they convert to a customer. Gated content can be hosted on a landing page or webinar that requires the viewer to provide their basic information before accessing the video. Cue follow up communication!
  3. Evaluation. For those that are trickling down the funnel, this is the phase where you want to learn even more about what your prospect is looking for so that you can address their specific needs. Similar to gated content, embedding a long form before, during or after your video is a great opportunity to obtain specifics about your viewer. As for the video itself, incorporating case studies, testimonials from past clients and statistics that speak to the success that your prospect is looking to achieve, are great ways to move them further down the funnel.
  4. Intent. While you await an offer, this is an opportunity to apply a bit of pressure and doing so through video is an effective way to convey urgency. “Space is filling up!” or “Only 2 hours to act on this incredible opportunity!” type of messages work well when incorporated into video. To sway your prospect even further, consider offering a value-add service or product in exchange for them signing on the dotted line. Incentivizing your prospects with low cost add-ons is an easy way to seal the deal.
  5. Purchase. Congratulations, you have a customer! Don’t underestimate the power of a follow up “thank you” video. Not to be overlooked is the opportunity for personalization within this video (link to personalization blog entry). Incorporating shareable elements is also great for expanding your reach on social media or other networks your new customer is connected to.
  6. Loyalty. Anniversary or milestone videos at key dates during the relationship with your most valuable clients/customers are oft-overlooked. Short animated videos work well for this purpose. If you have a referral program, this is a great opportunity to incorporate that. Short but sweet, the power of these types of videos should not be underestimated.

If quality leads are what you’re looking for and you’re stuck in the same old sales cycle, try applying our tips to see what works. Is there a particular phase of the funnel that you get hung up on or tend to lose qualified leads? The examples listed above are just the start. We’d love to continue the conversation offline to see how video can help your prospects flow more smoothly through the funnel.

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