4 Important Steps to a Memorable Online Video

As we wade through the overwhelming deluge of online information, we look for fast and reliable feedback about companies, products, services and customer experience to help cut through the all the noise. With more and more information to wade through and less time to do it, online engagement is more important than ever before.

Animated video is a powerful tool that cuts through the noise by delivering a message that viewers will connect with and remember, resulting in an engaging experience that will increase business. More companies are adopting the use of animated videos as a marketing tool to reach viewers on a deeper level. Videos are great because the amount of information received is controlled.

Switch Video is a video animation company that produces explainer videos in a variety of styles, ranging from white board to claymation. Their 5 week production process simplifies a company’s product or service in a captivating way in under 2 minutes.

Here are 4 key points to remember when creating and delivering a memorable video.

1. Know what your business needs to communicate.
Before you can make a video, you need to really think about what your message will be. What do you need explained? The goal is to produce a powerful and compelling animated video with a message that will engage viewers and increase business. Working collaboratively with the video production team helps find that focus. Things run a lot more smoothly when you know what you are talking about.

2. Identify and understand your audience.
The viewer has to be able to connect the video with previous knowledge, something they already know or can identify with. They are more likely to stick around if they can easily relate to and like what they are watching and hearing. Using metaphor helps strengthen the connection.

3. Why audio & video is key.
By combining visual images and metaphors with an audio message, research shows that people remember 58% more of what they see and hear in a video versus text or audio alone. Pairing video with audio is powerful because there are two traces being made – memories or neural networks are being created in two parts of the brain – your auditory cortex and your visual cortex. Those networks will be even stronger when you keep your video simple and sync up what you’re presenting via sight and sound. That way, even if something isn’t totally clear to someone when they hear it, the visual image can fill in the blanks for them – and vice versa.

This all builds on an earlier research study by Allan Paivio of University of Western Ontario, who found that 72 hours later, people only remembered 10% of what they had seen. When that visual information was paired with sound, memory retention skyrocketed to 68%. Combining the senses will ignite brain power.

4. Keep it simple!

Simple and steady wins the race. The simplicity and pace of a video is extremely important. Scenes should be kept simple. Include only the most relevant audio and visual information. Keeping the pace of information at a rate viewers can assimilate before the next idea arrives will help with the digestion of knowledge into their long-term memories.

There are ways to produce videos independently. Sites like Camtasia, Prezi and Voices.com are all sites that provide the tools needed to create presentations and videos without the collaborative experience and expertise.

Rypple is a company that had Switch Video produced a whiteboard video to help explain what they do. They have solved a common workplace problem. People often dread performance reviews and feel they do not know where they stand at work. Rypple has developed a cloud-based, social performance management platform to help teams improve overall performance and efficiency.

Please check out Switch’s Case Study for Rypple and how our video helped increase conversions on their landing page.

Having an animated explainer video will ultimately help cut through the noise that we all are contributing to. It can deliver a message in a way that will capture our attention, keep our attention and invite us to explore more deeply. An animated video does more than plain text. We will remember it. It creates a focus and shortens the time it takes to learn about a company, product or service. It’s done in under 2 minutes! That is a lot of time and energy saved.

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