60 Seconds – Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen: Independent Do-ers

I’m a chronic entrepreneur. It’s just in my blood to start businesses and grow them. But I believe that there are certain basic skills and attributes you need to start and maintain your own business and if you don’t have them, I don’t necessarily recommend taking the plunge.

To give you an analogy, I play ice hockey and I’m a goaltender. One of the keys to this position is to keep visualizing the game in front of you. It’s the same approach I take to running a company and being a CEO.

As a goaltender, you’re an incredibly important member of the team. You play the whole game, not just in shifts, where you get some time off on the bench. While you’re not skating up and down the ice, you are constantly on alert, seeing how the game plays out and making sure you’re ready for the time when you’re called upon to make a stop. The action is fast and furious, so and you always have to be ready to react because things can change in an instant and you have to make critical decisions and adjustments.

Before even taking the ice, I always try to visualize the entire game, the types of saves I might have to make and the different scenarios that could play out. I know I’ll have to be prepared for whatever might happen. As I go through this whole process, it’s really the same thing I do as a CEO. There are all these things happening in the office, players on my team, and the opponents are in constant motion and things keep changing. And I’m sitting back here watching the action in front of me, seeing how things are developing and trying to anticipate what will happen next.

This is also the perfect business for an entrepreneur to help other entrepreneurs follow their dreams, to take their ideas and passions and help them grow and leverage them into dynamic new businesses the world hasn’t seen before. I feel so blessed my company can be a part of helping other entrepreneurs create businesses.

All you have to do is drop the puck, start up the ice, and keep your eye on the goal.

The eTailing Group found that 73% of online retailers used video on product pages in 2010, up from 55% in 2009 and only 20% in 2005. 74% of the top 50 retailers used product videos, 40% used category videos, and 38% used other types of informational videos. – eMarketer, February 2011


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