Case Study: Inbenta – Executive Summary

Standing out in a competitive industry: How Switch Video increased online leads by 20%

In June 2011 Inbenta contacted Switch Video to produce a video that could explain the value of Inbenta’s natural language processing in a highly competitive search engine market. Requiring a video that could speak to a variety of audiences, including potential clients and investors, Inbenta wanted an animation that was fun, yet professional. The video would need to clearly demonstrate that Inbenta is on the cutting edge of search engine technology. Through the development of strong, engaging characters and a professionally written script that explains not only how Inbenta works, but also how it is extremely valuable, Switch Video produced a video for Inbenta featuring a burgundy robot helping business owners communicate better with potential customers and clients.

Why Inbenta chose Switch Video:

Inbenta wanted to work with a highly creative team and was impressed by Switch Videos professional process

When Inbenta launched their video via their website, they saw a 20% increase in their total online lead generation in less than six months. In addition to using animated video as part of their marketing strategy, Inbenta was also able to apply characters from their video to feature prominently throughout their website and branding. Inbenta now features the animated video on their website, and throughout their sales processes.



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