Case Study: Inbenta – Goal & Solution

Inbenta’s Goal

Inbenta needed an animated video that explained an extremely complex process to a variety of audiences in a fun and memorable way. As a growing company, Inbenta needed a sales tool that could not only capture the attention of prospective clients, but also work with their marketing plan and help to raise capital investment.

Switch Video’s Solution

Switch Video decided to demonstrate the value of Inbenta through a traditional explainer video. Inbenta needed to communicate their value in a highly competitive search market to potential clients and investors. Switch Video took an approach to the script that highlighted Inbenta’s value and demonstrated that Inbenta understands the pain points of customers in the search technology market. Focusing on the explanation of benefits, as opposed to a complex description of search engine methodology, the video was easy to understand, and allowed customers to relate.

Secret ingredient to their video:

Fantastic characters that connect with customers and can be applied to additional branding opportunities

“I never thought a simple animated video would be so useful in so many contexts. We use it in every presentation, on our website and with potential investors. People love it and it gives them a foundation of knowledge so that our conversations can be richer and straight to the point.” (Jordi Torras) In addition to Inbenta’s traditional explainer script, Switch Video designed memorable characters for the video that stand out and stick with the audience, especially the burgundy Inbenta robot that complimented the Inbenta brand. The characters were created for the purpose of telling a story, personifying Inbenta’s search technology with more human like qualities. These characters, combined with a traditional explainer script, allowed for the clear understanding of Inbenta’s unique value proposition.



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