Case Study: Rypple – Executive Summary

Driving web conversion through video: How Switch Video increased conversion rates by 20%

Why Rypple chose Switch Video:

Rypple wanted to work closely with a professional team to design a video in the whiteboard style

In 2010 Rypple contacted Switch Video about producing a short length animated video to promote their performance management tool. Rypple wanted a video that would improve conversion rates on their website and engage visitors in a unique way. Switch Video produced an explainer video for Rypple in their whiteboard style and developed a script that connected with viewers on an emotional level. By focusing on why people use Rypple, Switch Video was able to produce a video that clearly demonstrated that Rypple understands their customers’ needs.

Following the production process, Rypple placed the video on their home and landing pages. The video was tested against a control page and another landing page containing a live action testimonial from Facebook.

Not only did Switch Video’s landing page perform better, increasing conversions by 20%, but it also lowered the customer acquisition cost and generated leads that were more engaged and ready to use the product.


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