Case Study: Rypple – Goal & Solution

Rypple’s Goal

Rypple sought a unique way to reach potential customers and increase their online conversion rates. Rypple wanted to encourage viewers to sign up for a free trial where users could test and interact with the service and invite their friends and colleagues.

Switch Video’s Solution

Switch Video developed a custom whiteboard style video that focuses on Rypple’s aspirational goal – to help organizations of all sizes provide real time feedback to their employees.

The message of the video is clear and succinct, and told through a story, allowing the viewers to relate to the characters. This video demonstrates that Rypple understands their clients pain points and that Rypple has a solution.

Secret ingredient to their video:

Custom designed score used to elicit emotions at key moments of their video

Jesse Goldman, VP of Customer Success, commented:

“I hear from lots of people at top companies that the video tells a story that they can easily relate to, and very clearly. That probably also explains why overall engagement with the app was higher – more inspiration to explore Rypple, invite people and try stuff out. We find that once people make a point of doing that, engagement goes up dramatically – as does the number of people invited.”

Rypple’s video is 107 seconds long and describes the problem that Rypple can help solve, without focusing on Rypple’s feature set. Production of the video took into account the tone, pace and call-to-action of the video – all important elements to helping Rypple increase their online conversion rates.




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