Episode 1

Maeve Strathy

Development Officer at Trinity College School, explains how their video campaign helped them build awareness and increase open rates.

Episode 1

Maeve Strathy

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  • Question: What has been the greatest benefit of having a video?

    Maeve: I think the greatest benefit of having a video has been giving our community a different sense of what we do. The video was animated which made it really different from everything else we've done and it also explains some important priorities for us which is important for our community to know. So I think having that new kind of approach to catch people's attention and also communicating what we're doing and how we're doing it has been really important.
  • Question: How would you describe the Switch Video process?

    Maeve: I would describe the Switch Video process as very efficient and very effective. I think that having project managers on both sides, on the client's side and on the Switch Video's side makes things really easy. So I would communicate with the project manager at Switch and we've got a sense of what we needed, who we needed to communicate with to find that out and what the next steps were. So it was really laid out, there was a great foundation set and then we were able to have a lot of fun during the process.
  • Question: How have you used your video?

    Maeve: We've used our video in pretty much every medium we could manage. We have it on our Web Site, on its Home Page. We have it on a Micro Site we have for our campaign which the video was for. We have posted it on Facebook. We sent it out by email which was the most important part; that's how our constituents were introduced to it and we intend to keep using it in every channel we can.
  • Question: What was the Switch Merge process you used?

    Maeve: We used an exciting and unique process during the making of our video which is called Switch Merge which is basically mail merge for videos and it was really what set our video apart and we knew it was something that people were going to open, which all of our statistics are proving.

    So the process of that was we wanted to send out customized videos to a number of our constituents and so we put together a list of who those people were, the name that we want to use when referring to them, and then the video was built so that it had different tagged areas that the information could be merged into. So we were able to send out these personalized videos to so many members of our community. They were personalized within the video, within the email itself and also the email subject lines so they really caught people's attention and we think that that drove a lot of its success.
  • Question: How did your video perform?

    Maeve: We did receive direct donations in response to the email and though the intent wasn't necessarily to drive fundraising and rather to build awareness instead, we were really pleased with the financial response.

    The open rate average for the education industry is 17.8%. With our video, we saw a 44.6% open rate which is an incredibly strong response.
  • Question: What was your favorite part of working with Switch Video?

    Maeve: My favorite part about working with Switch Video was that it was a lot of fun and it was able to be fun because we had such a clear outline of the process from the get-go and so we were able to be really creative moving forward.