Georgian College produced a video for us! First time a client has ever turned the tables on us.


Washington REALTORS

“It is spicy, snappy and exactly what I wanted. I LOVE working with SwitchMarketing! I have no less than 4 or 5 professionals working on my project at the same time to meet my deadlines.”

“Thanks guys, you are making me look like I know what I’m doing. Who said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.”

Steve Klaniecki
Director of Communications & Marketing


SuccessTSM LLC

“It is simply amazing, one of the best experiences I have had while building this company. I look forward to doing more videos over the next year. ”

Rick Bailey



“I know our last-minute changes made an already-tight deadline a bit over the top, but your willingness to make the changes without even a peep of complaint is greatly appreciated.”

Dana Miller
Digital Communications Specialist



“Awesome job! Hard to believe that you put all that together just from public info. Some of our own people can’t explain what we do as well as you’ve been able to.”

Steve Chadima
Chief Marketing Officer



“Once again, the SwitchMarketing team came through with the updates to our video; we showed it to 400+ people at our new company launch today to roaring applause. Burroughs is now official, feel free to post the video far and wide.”

Bob Walters
Director, Market Management


Student 2 Student

“Wow… once more… exceeding expectations seems to be the mission statement of Switch Marketing!!!! I love it – it’s awesome. Exceeds my expectations by far.”

Oliver Berchtold

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