CRM and Video

Integrating Video Analytics into Your CRM Platforms

Video is one of the most consistently engaging forms of marketing content out there. You’re probably already using video in emails or as a sales tool, but are you making the most out of your video marketing strategy?

Don’t just send out videos blindly without seeing how they’re performing – integrate video with your customer management relationship (CRM) platform. Most CRM’s now allow video integration with a simple video analytics platform, enabling you to take your video marketing strategy to the next level. You’ll have an opportunity to gain greater insight into the performance of your videos and how individual leads are interacting with them.

Video analytics gauge how your videos are performing generally. The benefits of connecting video with your CRM means you can obtain analytics to find out specifically who is watching your videos and when.

Even better, you can pull up an individual’s viewing history and see how long, how many times, and how often each individual spent watching a specific video – information that can help you send relevant and engaging messages later on in the customer relationship, and help identify the most qualified prospects.

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