Styles and Uses: The Definitive Guide to Corporate Explainer Video


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Whiteboard is a very popular style because viewers are drawn in by a simple story unfolding as it’s “drawn” before their eyes. It’s engaging and fun to watch. Whiteboard videos tend to be the most professional and are great for businesses who speak to a more educated audience. This style contains images drawn by a digitized hand to appear as if you were drawing an explanation live in front of a group of people.



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Two-dimensional graphics are another popular form of animation because of the creative options that come along with this style. They feature full color and animation that really bring your video to life. 2D animation is great for speaking to consumers and more general audiences. If you’re looking for some extra creative whimsy to help your business or product stand out, 2D animation is the way to go!




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Much like 2D, the creative possibilities are endless with the 3D style. The scenes are more polished and realistic. 3D videos, however, are exponentially more expensive than 2D animation due to the time and equipment that’s required. 3D videos also aren’t as simple as other styles and can overwhelm the viewers working memory. If you’re looking to clearly communicate your message and make sure customers remember the most of what they watch, another style might be better.



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With claymation, characters and props are made out of clay or other materials, photographed frame by frame, and then edited together. This process is referred to as stop motion animation. They’re highly creative, but come with a higher price tag due to the amount of time and work that goes into a claymation project. If you want something truly unique and impressive, and time is not of the essence, claymation may just be the style for you!




Live Action

Live action uses real people, scenes, props, i.e. the whole works. This style is the real deal, literally. It’s popular for commercials and movies and is offered by some explainer video companies. Live action is a great style, but it puts limitations on what you can do, unless you have a Hollywood budget. This style is better suited for promotional type of videos that have little explanation or education. Also, keep in mind that, at a certain point, the video will look dated since hairstyles, clothes, and film quality all go out of style.



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That’s right. Such a thing exists. Can’t decide if you want stop motion or 2D animation? Mash them up like potatoes! It’s possible to combine video styles; you just have to make sure it isn’t distracting. The end result should be simple and clean, but you can combine whiteboarding with 2D animation or live action with 2D animation. It’s totally up to you! Just ask the company you decide to go with about this option. They might not think to mention it, but it’s completely doable. A hybrid style of video is always unique, and keeps the audience interested because of the changes in the visuals.



Looking for Inspiration?


1. What Is Dropbox?

Dropbox’s original paper cut-out video used a story and metaphors to explain cloud computing before the concept was widely understood.




2. Coca-Cola Content 2020

Coca-Cola created a 7:57 whiteboard video to share their new brand strategy that revolves around content creation.




3. Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club video uses humor and shock to connect with a universal experience and create a message that every guy can relate to.




4. Mailbox

The live action video MailBox created to introduce their app used imagery, live action, text, and music to tell a story without words that was both descriptive as well as inspiring.




5. The ABC of Architects

Andrea Stinga and Federico Gonzalez created a motion graphic video as a shareable piece of content that presents the top architects listed A to Z along with their best known building.

For more inspriation, check out our list of the best explainer videos at



Verticals and Use Cases?

While explainer videos are typically used to explain complex ideas or content, they have
different use cases depending on the vertical.

Whether you’re a technology company, a pharmaceutical company, or a non-profit, there’s a style and use case that will work for you. We’ve had the privilege of working in many different verticals. Below is a list of ways explainer videos can be used based on the industry in question, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. As you read through, consider the many different ways you can use an explainer video for your business.


Product performance
Industry statistics
Car features
Parts description


Product background
Patient education
Product instructions

Consumer and Packaged Goods

Product story
Sales tool for email
Social media contest explainer


Campaign education
Public education
Employee education/training


Education tool about financial matters
Billing update
Policy shift announcement
Financial tool description

Food and Beverage

Public relations campaign

Fundraising and Advocacy

Campaign video
Educational video with sponsor mention
Contributor recognition/thank you


Policy education
Compliance education

Health and Beauty

Product features
Social media contest
Tips and tricks

Human Resources

Compliance and code of conduct
Employee training
Internal messaging and procedure
Internal announcements


Technology education
Machine training
Certification standards


Public education
Policy review


Channel partner communication
Channel standards
Sourcing information


Product orientation
Brand positioning
Sales and outreach tools

Medical + Pharmaceutical

Patient education
Epidemiology education
Public education
Physician education

Professional Services

Compliance certification
Value proposition
Trade show booth

Real Estate

Financing information
Insurance regulations
Property developer promotion


Product offering
Order process orientation

Shipping and Logistics

Shipping chain education
Distributor information
General promotions

Social Media

Contest regulations
Customer education
Campaign education


Product explainer
Data visualization


Billing explainer
Product/package information
Network explainer

Tourism and Hospitality

Compliance and regulatory


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