Explainer Videos for Education

Why Are Animated Videos an Effective Tool for Education?

Video is a great way to express complicated ideas in a straightforward and memorable way. This makes it a valuable tool for many organizations, particularly those in education. Animated video can be used to inform people about initiatives, share public service announcements and accomplish much more. Since animated explainer videos use narrative and metaphor, complex lessons become accessible to viewers of all ages.

There’s a reason people tend to recall information better when it’s presented as a story. Stories often touch upon common knowledge, making it easier to integrate new ideas. The explainer video also utilizes brain science to swiftly present ideas in a memorable way. Video has the benefit of being fun to watch while simultaneously delivering information that the brain actually absorbs.

How do Animated Explainer Videos Work?

The same elements that make animated explainer videos successful for businesses can be applied to education. Studies have demonstrated that stimulating the auditory and visual senses can lead to high retention of new information. This is because video provides two different channels for data to make its way to the brain. One study found that when just hearing information, the average person can recall less than half of the material presented to them. With the addition of visuals, this number shoots up to 80 percent. Another study found that information that stimulates the visual and auditory senses creates an increased retention rate of 75 percent overall.

How Can Explainer Video be Used for Education?

  • Campaigns – No matter what kind of campaign you’re running, it’s important to get people to connect with your mission. However, when you’re dealing with abstract ideas and reasoning, it can be difficult to make a connection with people. An animated video is the perfect solution for garnering interest quickly and effectively.
  • Public education – When you need to inform the general public about your educational initiatives, an explainer video is an easy way to get your message across and keep your audience engaged. An explainer video can be included on your website or in a presentation, and is easy for viewers to share and circulate, helping to expand your reach.
  • Schools – Videos can be used in the classroom to explain difficult concepts, especiallythose involving a lot of numbers. Animated video can present data and graphs in a way that makes the material come alive for students.
  • Employee training – Some procedures and policies can be hard to explain to new employees. An animated video is an efficient way to break down complex software or processes and make them easier to learn. Delivering this information in an explainer video can save time and money, allowing your staff to hit the ground running.

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