Explainer Videos for Finance

How Can Explainer Videos Be Used in Finance?

Because explainer videos are the most effective way to communicate complex ideas, they are ideal marketing tools for financial companies. Animated videos can be used on businesses’ websites or in presentations, and to educate clients about all kinds of financial topics.

  • Educational videos – Where finances are concerned, many consumers are in the dark. Credit, loans, savings and other banking and financial topics can be tricky for many individuals. Providing an engaging explainer video can help communicate the finer points of procedures and concepts in a way that people will find both helpful and memorable.
  • Personalized billing updates – Banks are increasingly introducing alternatives to paper-based billing methods, but it can be difficult to decipher the data being presented, even on a digital statement. More recently, some institutions are exploring the use of personalized explainer videos to communicate billing information to clients. Users are more likely to understand statements because the video clearly expresses data through vibrant graphs and other imagery.
  • Policy change announcements – Banks and other financial institutions can also use explainer video to communicate changes in policies. Whenever business practices are modified, companies need to quickly and clearly explain how the new procedures will affect users. Video is an effective way to accomplish this.
  • Financial tool description – There are many products and services on the market that make it easier for consumers to manage their financial obligations. Using corporate animated videos, companies can more easily demonstrate how products work and what problems they can help consumers solve. Explainer video often makes viewers feel more confident about a product.

What Are The Benefits of Using Videos in Finance?

An engaging animated video can make dry financial statistics come to life through the use of animated charts and other visuals. When already-complicated procedures are changed, video can provide a great way to communicate this information so that consumers can adapt quickly.

By building on common knowledge using recognizable imagery, explainer videos can make it even easier to share unfamiliar ideas. Financial organizations can use video to increase visibility and consumer trust.

Take a look at some of the videos we’ve produced for the finance industry below.


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The Definitive Guide to Explainer Videos
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