Explainer Videos for Government

How Can Government Organizations Use Explainer Videos?

Using animated video is a proven way to communicate ideas effectively, allowing individuals to better retain information than through audio alone. Studies consistently demonstrate that people remember more when they obtain information through video. Whenever a government department or political party needs to raise awareness about a topic, educate constituents, or share more information about a policy or platform, animated explainer video is the ideal way to do it. Since videos are easy to share, they are an excellent resource for campaigns and educational initiatives of all kinds. Here are a few of the many ways government organizations can use explainer video:

  • Policy Education Video – Using relatable ideas, animated video can quickly present new information in a way people understand and care about. This makes it a great way to educate the public about policies that affect them.
  • Process Explainer Video – Some government services can be difficult to navigate. It can be hard to determine how to qualify and/or apply for certain assistance programs. An animated video can outline these procedures in relatable ways.
  • Compliance Education Video – To avoid litigation and fines, it’s helpful to provide videos as a resource for small businesses and other organizations. Laws, especially tax regulations, can be complex and complicated. An engaging video can help individuals and organizations avoid legal repercussions that result from doing things incorrectly.
  • Public Education – There’s a good reason public service announcements are often shown on television. Animated video is a great way to garner interest and spread information in a limited amount of time.

What are the Benefits of Using Videos in Government?

Everyone is affected by government policies. When a law changes, it could impact as many as hundreds of millions of people, and organizations will need an effective way to send their messages. At various times, government organizations at the national, state and local levels will have to reach a wide range of individuals from different backgrounds. Animated video is a format that is accessible to most people, and it provides a way to communicate vital information succinctly and memorably.

By building on familiar concepts, animated video allows organizations to introduce new concepts quickly. Because policies tend to be complex, it can be difficult to present even the most vital issues before losing the viewer’s attention.

Video is versatile. It can be sent through email, posted on government websites and used in presentations. No matter what your message is, you can find a way to communicate it effectively through animated video. Best of all, video is easy to share and can easily gain momentum on social media platforms.

By using a story-based animated video, organizations can present ideas in ways that makes people care.

Take a look at some of the videos we’ve produced for government organizations below.


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