Explainer Videos for Healthcare

How Can Healthcare Organizations Use Explainer Videos?

Because animated videos are such an effective means of relaying complicated ideas, they are ideal for conveying difficult concepts to general and educated audiences. Topics and issues related to healthcare are often difficult for patients to understand. Alternatively, explainer videos can be a resource for healthcare organizations to educate nurses and doctors on new practices, or for sales reps to explain new products quickly. Pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations can also benefit from the use of explainer video as a resource for patient information. These videos are particularly useful for:

  • Mode-of-action product videos: Explain how medications work at the molecular level quickly and effectively using animation.
  • Disease education: Communicate with doctors, nurses and patients about how to manage, treat and prevent illnesses.
  • Direct to consumers: Help consumers, nurses or doctors learn how to use medical products and devices.
  • Direct to Patient: Use animated video to educate patients on wellness, healthy lifestyle choices and treatment options
  • Sales training: Help sales reps incorporate multimedia into presentations
  • Corporate training: Help communicate corporate messaging within the company
  • Branding: Branded pharmaceutical videos can be used on TV, online or as useful material to demonstrate industry leadership.

What are the Benefits of Using Video in Healthcare?

  • Demonstrate thought leadership through education: Particularly in the healthcare industry, consumer trust is a highly valued commodity. Using video, from whiteboard animation to product video, organizations can gain thought-leadership positions in the market by producing educational videos.
  • Effective tool for sales, comprehension and branding : Video is a great conversion tool for consumers and executives. In fact, more than half of executives would rather watch a video than read text. The concise format allows companies to say a lot in a short amount of time. Companies can also release several videos for different products and maintain consistent branding.
  • Customer centricity: Video helps businesses become more customer-centered. Putting the consumer first increasingly means providing assistance for clients when they want it. Because video works so well as a communication tool, it provides a great method of greeting patients on familiar terms. People want to be able to access resources on their own time, and video is an ideal way to accommodate them. When healthcare companies put videos online, they make it easier for customers to obtain information when they need it, on a platform that’s easy to access. In an industry that can be filled with incomprehensible jargon, explainer video cuts through the clutter, eliminating the need for customers to sort through pages of text.

Take a look at some of the videos we’ve produced for the healthcare industry below.


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