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How Can Brands, Marketing Firms, and Advertising Agencies Use an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are a vital tool for companies that manage communications and marketing campaigns. Animated video is one of the most effective methods for quickly relating ideas and information, therefore, it is an excellent way to engage public interest in your clients’ products, services, and activities. Video is a media channel capable of gaining the attention of a large audience. There are many ways marketing and advertising agencies can utilize video to send a clear and watch-worthy message:

  • Brand Identity: Video can help marketing firms establish brand presence for their clients in an engaging and memorable way. Video is being used by most brands as a way to better stand out from their competition by creating a brand story in a visually engaging way.
  • Promoting Major Events: Video can help PR firms get big news out quickly and effectively so they can reach the widest possible audience. When a business is announcing an IPO, merger or acquisition, an animated video can relate this information in a way that is consistent with branding. Another benefit of using explainer video is its capacity to help the public visualize what these changes truly mean for the company and its customers.
  • Share Events Timelines: An explainer video is an effective way to lay out a timeline of events for educating an audience. Figures and historical facts can often be difficult to sit through. However, with the story-based structure that animated video can provide, this information can be much more memorable and engaging.

What are the Benefits of Using Animated Explainer Video in marketing?

Animated marketing videos a rean excellent resource for any individual working in an industry that requires frequent distribution of information. Marketing professionals can benefit from using video because it can streamline communications and maintain the viewer’s attention. Studies have found that people remember an average of 75 percent more information when it is presented to them through video. On top of that, they are better able to successfully apply knowledge they acquired from watching a video. With animated video, viewers don’t just remember materials – they gain a fuller understanding of them.

There are other benefits as well. Animated marketing videos are straightforward and simple to create. You can easily expand on initial videos while maintaining brand consistency. References to past events can be animated, so they don’t rely on performances by actors or set construction.

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