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How can Non-Profits Use Animated Explainer Videos?

Animated videos are a great way for a non-profit organization to send a meaningful message to a wide audience. Explainer video enables institutions to distill wide-ranging or complex ideas into a succinct, memorable package. In addition, video is inherently sharable, making it the best way to spread the word about something your organization cares about. Here are just a few of the many ways non-profits can harness the power of explainer video:

  • Fundraising Campaign Video: Non-profits rely on donations to maintain operations. This means you need a good way to get people invested and engaged in your cause. Using storytelling and graphics, animated video sends a message that people can relate to, evoking an emotional response.
  • Educational Video with Sponsor Mentions: Non-profit organizations can use educational video to provide greater exposure for sponsors while still sending out information about an important cause or policy issue.
  • Personalized Donor Recognition: After people have made donations, send them an animated video to demonstrate gratitude. Animated video is easy to customize, so you can even personalize these videos for each recipient. A thank-you message helps keep donors engaged in your organization.

Benefits of Using Explainer Videos for Non-Profits

Video is a powerful tool that allows organizations to visualize data, statistics or abstract ideas. As a result, on average, people remember more information after watching a video than reading text or listening to someone speak. For organizations that are supported entirely by outside donations and funding, finding a way to gain interest and commitment is imperative. Using storytelling, animated explainer video builds on common experiences to stimulate engagement and generate interest. Using animated video helps non-profit organizations:

  • Communicate a Consistent Message: Non-profit organizations can use video to maintain consistent branding across promotional channels. When institutions employ animated video, viewers can quickly gain a sense for why the organization exists and why it is important. Mission statements are effective for certain individuals, but others are more likely to be engaged by an animated video that quickly explains the ideas behind the organization through visual means.
  • Educate the Public: Depending on what area your non-profit works in, your founding principles may not be easy to grasp. Often, organizations deal with issues that may seem distant to potential donors. Animated video can help make these problems more concrete and compelling for the public. Animated video allows your group’s message to come through loud and clear.
  • Spread the Word: Animated video is incredibly versatile; it can be used in different venues for diverse audiences. You can integrate it into presentations, post it online or send it via email, which makes it an effective engagement tool for your audience. Create a story-based video that makes people care about an issue, and they are likely to share it with their own followers on social media. Use animated video to convert the public into advocates for your mission.

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