Explainer Videos for Products and Retail

How Can Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Use an Explainer Video?

No matter what types of goods you produce or sell, an animated explainer video can help you make sales and increase conversions. Video is a great way to engage consumers and present brand information in a memorable way. There are many ways companies in the consumer packaged goods and retail industries can use explainer videos.

  • Product Offering Video – A short video detailing a product or product line can help generate interest in these items in a way that’s memorable for shoppers.
  • Order Process Orientation Video – Using an explainer video is an easy way to provide information about the ordering process for a store, whether it’s an e-store or brick-and-mortar establishment. Outlining check-out procedures can alleviate consumer confusion.
  • Advertising or Marketing Video – Animated explainer video can also be a great promotional resource. Using a short narrative with engaging graphics, companies can help consumers understand how a product can benefit them.
  • Product Story or History Video – Customers are often more engaged with products when they know the story of how they came to be, particularly if it resolves a pain point many people have. An explainer video is an ideal way to present a short narrative to generate consumer interest.
  • Sales Tool Video – Animated videos increase conversions when used on landing pages. For brands looking to grow sales, a strategically placed explainer video could make the difference. Companies can also use animated videos in email, general sales or content marketing campaigns.
  • Social Media Contest Explainer Video – Brands often find significant success engaging consumers online using contests. Explain the contest rules quickly and generate excitement about the initiative using an animated explainer video.

What are the Benefits of Using an Explainer Video?

Because animated explainers video are so versatile, there are many ways retailers and other consumer brands can benefit from them:

  • Increase Brand Exposure – Video is an inherently shareable medium, which makes it a great asset to retailers. When businesses create a unique video and ask consumers to share it, they can significantly increase the visibility of their brand. A well-designed explainer video can generate engagement with story-based structures that give shoppers a greater reason to care about products.
  • Improve Customer Service – Explainer videos can provide customer service support by addressing frequently asked questions about products. As more products are added to the line, companies can easily create more videos to address new concerns. Since video improves retention of new information, it is an excellent educational tool and a perfect online resource for consumers.
  • Establish Yourself as an Industry Leader – Brands can use a creative explainer video to demonstrate their position as an industry expert. Often, animated explainer videos promote leadership by presenting new industry information in a thought-provoking and engaging way. Producing high-quality videos can help earn consumer trust.

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