Explainer Videos for Professional Services

How Can Professional Service Firms Use an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos can quickly and easily describe a service that may be difficult to express through writing and reports. They can also help you refine your sales messages. By using a story-based structure, clients can easily discover what your company can help them accomplish or what issues you can help them solve. An explainer video can promote your company more convincingly than would be possible with text alone. There are many ways professional services firms can employ explainer videos:

  • Brand Positioning – An animated video can help you quickly communicate what makes your company unique. Using video, you can engage customers in a short narrative that will enable them to come away more informed about your company’s specific position in the market.
  • Value Proposition or Service Offering – Using animated video allows your company to effectively state what your services are and, more importantly, how they can be applied to clients. Watching a video enables prospects to develop a more comprehensive idea of how your services can benefit them in real life.
  • Sales and Outreach – Animated video is an incredibly effective sales tool. When used on landing pages, it can increase conversions by upwards of 20 percent. Your company can use an explainer video to gain new leads by quickly describing the benefits of your services. You often have very little time to convert leads, which is why it works so well to use a medium that presents information quickly and memorably.
  • Compliance and Regulatory – Some companies require clients abide by certain legal regulations and guidelines. However, compliance requirements can be complicated and dense. An explainer video can quickly clarify difficult ideas and present them in a way that ensures clients understand why these rules are necessary.

What Are the Benefits of Using Animated Video for Your Professional Services Firm?

Nearly all companies can simplify communications with animated video. This is particularly true when you have a service that can be difficult to describe effectively. Using explainer videos can help keep your information uniform and engaging. Here are some ways companies in the professional services industries can use explainer video to improve operations:

  • Consistent Messaging – Without a consistent message, brands can lose out on leads. Using a uniform style of animated marketing video allows companies to create communications that maintain brand consistency. Viewers can watch a video and be immediately familiar with the business that produced it.
  • Clarify Your Services – Professional services often contain many subtleties. An animated explainer video can help ensure clients and prospects are receiving your message clearly. Animated video can show what truly sets you apart from competitors and provide the details of what your firm can help potential clients accomplish. A video can quickly distill these ideas in a compact format.
  • Provide Answers to FAQs – Professional service companies can address frequently asked questions using a series of videos. This not only alleviates the burden of answering all these queries repeatedly, but also provides a good opportunity to gain customer trust.

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