Explainer Videos for Manufacturing and Logistics

How can Manufacturing and Logistics Use an Animated Explainer Video?

Animated explainer videos can be used to help companies better describe their individual roles in the supply chain. In an industry that requires collaboration and many partnerships, it’s necessary to find an effective communication tool. Animated video can quickly explain complicated ideas in a succinct, memorable way, which makes it a good resource for communicating.

  • Promotional Video: No matter what product a company produces, it’s important that people know why it exists. For products that fall somewhere in the middle of the supply chain, it can be hard to communicate what the product does. An animated video can explain in simple terms what a good is used for and why it’s important. These videos can target any level of the supply chain.
  • Channel Partner Communication Video: Businesses can use an animated video to communicate changes to the supply chain or to attract new channel partners. Animated video is an effective way to draw in distributors and other businesses, and get them on the same page with consistent messaging.
  • Channel Standards Video: When you partner with other companies, you want to make sure they are representing your products as well as you would yourself. Quickly communicate your policies, procedures and standards for channel partners using corporate video animation.
  • Sourcing Information Video: Let consumers and other external channels know where you get the raw materials that compose your products, or use these videos internally to inform staff.
  • Shipping Chain Education Video: When employees and businesses as a whole feel accountable for their position in the supply chain, productivity often increases. However, the supply chain can be large and complex, making it difficult for one part to see how the entire organization functions. A video can help people visualize these procedures in a way that is memorable and succinct.
  • Distributor Information Video: Video is a good way to provide information about the distributors that make your product available. Animated corporate video can quickly communicate where to track down a product.

Benefits of Using a Video in Manufacturing and Logistics

Because manufacturing is such a complex industry, it can be difficult for consumers and employees at different levels to get a sense of the big picture. Corporate video animation excels at communicating ideas in a way that people remember. In fact, watching a video significantly helps people retain more new information on average than reading or listening.

Video is a helpful resource in maintaining a clear brand and vision all the way through the supply chain. When so many businesses are involved in a product before it goes to market, the message can get lost somewhere along the journey. By using video to communicate across channels, businesses can make sure all nodes maintain consistency. In addition, manufacturers frequently have to communicate with consumers as well as partners. Animated videos can be quickly and easily adapted for any audience. They can also be translated into multiple languages, simply be recording a new audio track.

Take a look at some of the videos we’ve produced for in the manufacturing and logistics vertical below.


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