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When planning for marketing a conference or event, video provides a variety of opportunities to engage potential attendees. From pre-event marketing to post-event followup, there are several ways that video can help drive up attendance to your event and engage your attendees throughout.

Based on the new branding being developed for the Growth Marketing Conference, producing videos with animated elements, kynetic typography, and fast-paced motion would play well with the design.

Style Examples

C2 Montreal 2019 Promo

C2 Montreal 2017 Promo

If footage is available from previous conferences, we can very easily use those assets as elements within a promotional video as well. With a mix of animation and b-roll, dynamic promos can be compiled to promote upcoming conferences.

Spotlight on SXSW 2017

Interact15 Promo

When planning a video strategy for your conference, there are a range of ways video can be used:

  1. Promo Videos – Short, high-energy clips that promote the event in advance and used across social channels and in ad campaigns.
  2. Personalized Videos – Connect with your subscribers and attendees on a personal level by sending them a video through email that speaks directly to them.
  3. Value Videos – These present the agenda, speakers, and value proposition to drive interest in the event leading up to the day.
  4. Testimonial Videos – These are great resources to promote your event if you have footage collected from previous events.
  5. Event Recap Videos – After the event, these act as important tools to continue drawing interest leading up to next year.

Our recommendation depending on budget is a combination of a series short, high-energy, motion graphic videos promoting the conference over social channels paired with a personalized email campaign to subscribers being most effective. Through social platforms, campaigns can be built to use specific videos to target people in specific verticals, locations, or other demographics.

One more thing...

Personalized Video

We’ve had incredible success using video personalization both before an event as well as a followup after. Best used in email campaigns that can go out to a few hundred contacts or hundreds of thousands, receiving a personalized video has shown incredible results. Whether it’s as simple as including their name, or something more complex like specific tracks the relate to their industry or interests, we can incorporate any data that you collect on your subscribers.


Dreamforce Aviso Teaser

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