Episode 1

CJ Bruce

Managing Director at New Antics, speaks on the shift from view metrics to conversion metrics and the future of explainer videos in customer service.

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  • Question: Why should companies invest in video?

    CJ: YouTube being the number two search engine and I think people often – maybe they think about it because they know that Google is number one but they don't really acknowledge it. I think that that is such a huge opportunity for all brands of all different sizes to really create content targeted keywords that people can find what they're looking for in a video format. I think the other one is the increase in sales from product videos which I don't have the exact number, I think it's between 15-16% of people that once they see the video, they're more likely to purchase the product. I think it's a huge number that people kind of seem to overlook and hasn't really paid enough attention to.
  • Question: What trends in video do you expect to see in the future?

    CJ: Sure I think in 2013 – I mean I guess it kind of started in 2012 where we're really pushing more forward with the brands as content creators and as publishers, not just advertisers. So I think you'll see a lot of that pushing further and further as there are some leaders in the space now that are taking some risks in doing it but as they establish that, yes this can work, you don't just need a 30-second ad with your brand or product all over it. You can actually tell a story and then build a relationship with your audience and then it's kind of more of a softer [Inaudible 01:22] that has a longer term brand impact. So I think you're going to see that and I think you're also going to see people shifting from just the view as the metric to more of a conversion metric. So not just, “Oh I got a million views on my video…” but, “I got 2,000 people that saw my video that's really the people I was targeting and here's how many of those people bought…” and attribute through [Inaudible 01:40] to the video and not just the view metric.
  • Question: What role do you see explainer videos playing in the future?

    CJ: I think that explainer videos in the future are going to be not just on the front-end but also on the back-end of the user experience so majority of what you see now is, you go to someone's Web Site, here's an explainer video talking about, “Here's what our product is. Here's what our company does…” But I think also there's a huge opportunity and some people are doing this but explainer videos are around customer service, around here's how to fix this problem, or here's how to actually use the product once you bought it already; so I think there is going to be a lot more of that.