Episode 2

Clayton Talmon

Video Producer and Director at, explains why companies who aren’t using video are falling behind.

The Definitive Guide to


Learn if an explainer video is right for you and more

  • Question: Why should companies invest in video?

    Clayton: The social media being able to move that video virally, certainly that is fantastic. Telling stories through picture is always better than some jpeg on a PowerPoint right? And it's all moving that way; basically if you're not using video, you're kind of behind the times, you're not moving along with where everybody is going.
  • Question: What trends in video do you expect to see in the future?

    Clayton: For us it's all mobile, it's all iPad and iPhone based viewing anywhere, anytime. Looking forward where is it going; unless someday somebody invests something other than an iPad.
  • Question: What role do you see explainer videos playing in the future?

    Clayton: The explainer videos are only going to grow by leaps and bounds; it's amazing. Through either whether it be education or transparency, just showing how things are done. Yeah, the future is huge on that. I think that's full steam ahead.