Episode 3

Devra Prywes

Vice President of Marketing and Insight at Unruly, describes video’s ability to connect audiences and advises companies to stop trying to be funny.

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  • Question: Why should companies invest in video?

    Devra: It's really important for brands to engage with their customers. There is so much clutter in the advertising space, there is a lot of clutter in the social space, there is over a hundred hours of content uploaded to YouTube every hour. It's not just enough to post a video on YouTube, cross your fingers and hope that everything works. That discovery is getting more and more challenging so brands has to have a smart distribution plan to be able to find their target so their targets [Inaudible 00:40] to share, but video is such a powerful tool because nothing makes that connection more quickly. You have a storyline, you have actors emoting, the music swells and you hook your viewer really quickly.
  • Question: What trends in video do you expect to see in the future?

    Devra: Video on mobile, the engagement rates, the conversion rates are through the roof. People are consuming more and more content than before, people are creating more and more content than ever before and we've real seen that brands are adding video as an important agenda item are the few content trends we've seen. So we have some tools that are disposed; I mentioned the viral video chart.

    We find that some of the most interesting ads are actually coming out of Europe. I don't know if America is just a little too PC, or if North America is a little more conservative, or if we have a more stringent legal approval process but whatever it is we're really seeing a lot of creativity come out of Europe. A few trends we've noticed, brands are starting to get away from trying to be funny. There has been a glut of funny ads, it's hard to get [Inaudible 01:45], it's humorous-subjective, it's hard to measure funny. When we PR'd our Science of Sharing white paper, our headline was “Stop Trying to Be Funny.” It's just not working, move on, find another trigger and we have 18 triggers so you have a lot at your disposal to choose from.
  • Question: What role do you see explainer videos playing in the future?

    Devra: It's a great opportunity to have instructions, to have reminders, to have more information that people can read at a leisurely pace. This is something that “How-to” videos are for cooking. But we also see a lot of opportunity with Vine and Instagram so we've actually been doing some work now with Lowe's who has done beautiful vines with the how-to approach where it's six seconds, they'll teach you how to hang a shelf or do other home improvement items and it's actually pretty amazing the amount of information that you can roll out in six seconds, with Instagram video you have 15 seconds and then of course you could take as much time as you need with your [Inaudible 02:45].