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Custom Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are a simple and effective way to share your products story… and make the message stick.
At Switch Video we produce custom videos that combine professional animation with the principles of cognitive psychology.
Watch our Pharma Video Reel below to see a sample of our work.



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Here are just a few of the awesome companies we’ve worked with.

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The secret to animated video success: 58% retention

Here’s how the dual-coding theory works: If you only stimulate the auditory sense, people retain a mere 10% of information. But when you stimulate both the auditory and visual senses, you end up with a retention rate of 68% (an increase in retention of 58%).

So why does this happen? It happens because when people are visual learners, images are necessary to help them understand the information. Auditory stimulation alone won’t cut it. But if someone is more of an auditory learner, then the words support the images. Images alone won’t do the trick.

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Why Work With Switch Video?

No Outsourcing. Every part of your video is completed in house. Everyone is under one roof – making communication and project management effortless.
Industry Experience. We’ve produced over 400 videos for hundreds of clients around the world including Abbott, Bayer, Takeda and others.
Professional Team. We have a team of experienced pharma writers, producers, medical illustrators, animators, and editors that are able to take on any project.
Brain Science. At Switch Video we use principles of cognitive psychology to deliver a script and visuals optimized for maximum retention and comprehension.

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Explain what you do … in 60 seconds

Are you having trouble simplifying your message and explaining what your product does and why it’s different? Or do you need a way to make your product or service engaging? An animated explainer video will help you to:

  • Bring your product to life
  • Tell your story in a way that’s easy to remember
  • Explain complex concepts in a simple and effective way
  • Connect emotionally with viewers
  • Convey your value proposition quickly and clearly
  • Stand out from the competition


So who is Switch Video?

The shorter answer is that we’re an animated explainer video company who has helped businesses and organizations like Cisco, IBM, HP, American Express, Bayer, Abbott, Edelman and Wunderman to clarify their message and simply and effectively explain who they are and what they do. That’s the shorter answer.

The longer answer is that we help businesses and organizations unlock their potential by taking their ideas and turning them into understandable stories they can share with the world. Our mission is to help organizations like yours distill what they do into a simple message that connects with customers and unleashes the full potential of their idea, business, or product.


Our Proven, 5-step Process.

At Switch Video, we produce all of our animated explainer videos using a proven 5-phase process, from the initial ideas and concepts, through to the final delivery.

1. Discovery

Upon completing our creative brief, we’ll start to develop initial concepts for your video.

2. Script Writing

A professional script writer drafts your script and works with you to review and make edits as necessary.

3. Storyboarding

A visual story is developed to help explain your message using colour, imagery and visual metaphor.

4. Animation & Review

The final review stage gives clients an opportunity to give feedback on transitions, timings and general animations.

5. Delivery

Your video is sent to post-production for final touches and then compiled in multiple formats.


Our Three Promises to You

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Switch Video is a customer service business. Our goal is to develop a great process for our clients that helps us to work together to get the best results possible. Ultimately we aim to exceed every clients expectations and have it all happen before the deadline!

To help guide us I developed 3 Promises that we make our clients so that they know what to expect from us.

We will set reasonable timelines and meet them.

We won’t promise what we can’t deliver.

We will keep you informed.

It is important to know where things stand, so we will keep you up to date.

We will complete all aspects of the job.

You won’t have to ask twice.


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