Switch Merge – Personalized Video for High Performance Sales Teams

Switch Video is excited to introduce a new offering tailor made for sales people.

Switch Video has produced 100s of videos and those videos have mainly being used in marketing contexts. Last year we learned about 1 client that has used his video to help propel his sales efforts forward with an 800K deal that was closed within 7 days for the video being released. This is the email that got our attention:

Their $800,000 client had never before met them or heard of the company, and was contacted through a cold calling approach, but after watching the explainer video and processing how effective and easy their services were, it pretty much sold them on the idea.

We thought about it a lot and came up with an idea. What if we allowed Jellyfish to email a personalized video to each prospect they were reaching out to. What if the video they sent included the leads name, company name or even the prospects logo? 

We are working with a select group of clients as we move towards a broader launch of this service. Are you interested? Please contract Andrew Angus to learn more.