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What is a Launch Video?

Launch videos introduce new products and services in a way customers will remember. Start-ups can use a launch video to kick off with a bang and generate buzz in the media, with future clients and investors. And it works. People love to watch video and share it, making this medium an ideal way to get information about your product or service out quickly. Launch videos can be included in press releases, landing pages or blog posts, and shared through social media. While describing a new product can take pages of text, a video can effectively introduce a new concept in less than two minutes, making sure the audience understands and connects with the product. A launch video is the best way to make sure a company’s message is heard loud and clear.

When Should My Company Use a Launch Video?

A launch video typically alerts consumers to a big change. Companies that are introducing a new product or service use animated corporate video to communicate this to consumers. Video is effective because it packages information into a form that people can easily engage with. Through text alone, it can be hard to explain all the benefits of a new product before consumers lose interest. By using a visual story to relay this information, people are much more likely to pay attention and remember what they saw. The versatility of video these days makes it a valuable channel to include in any marketing toolbox. Once the launch video is made, it can be shared via social media, used as a corporate email signature or played before presentations at a conference. Video can go anywhere you go, and successfully engage audiences along the way.

Why are Corporate Launch Videos Effective?

Overall, video is a powerful way to obtain information, because it provides two different channels for the ideas to reach the brain. When a person’s ears and eyes are both engaged, their ability to retain and understand information increases. By working with metaphors and story-based structures, Switch Video crafts videos that don’t just inform; they truly generate interest. When people are interested in something, they are more likely to invest in it, which is probably why explainer videos can increase conversions by 20 percent. Including a clear call to action in a video only enhances these results. Through an animated video, businesses can share large amounts of information more efficiently. Because stories tap into mainstream knowledge, they enable companies to cut through the noise and present big ideas in an extremely relatable way. These creative projects are so engaging that they frequently get shared by consumers and go viral. Launch videos are the best way to get people interested in the moves your business is making.

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