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What is a Product Video?

A product video is an explainer video that effectively demonstrates the benefits of a product. While many product videos focus on the features of the product, we concentrates on how the product relieves the pain points these clients may encounter.

A demo video increases conversion rates by providing a creative and engaging story that demonstrates how the your product functions in the real world, and what kind of impact it has. By using narrative and metaphor, a product video can create a better lasting impression in the consumer’s mind, leaving the product features to be experienced rather than explained.

The findings of neuroscience suggest there may be a reason for the continued popularity of Internet videos, and a good business case to incorporate video into your product launches. People are more likely to retain information received through video because the information is presented through audio and visual channels. Therefore, when companies need to express something about a product quickly and memorably, video is the best way to do it.

Many Industries Can Benefit From Product Video

Whether enterprises have a commodity to promote or a new software hitting the market, product videos can be an effective tool. Companies with complicated products can use video to make platforms easier to understand. Companies with a large number of products can produce a series of branded product videos when they come out with something new.

Microsoft, for example, creates videos to announce its new products, from document management services to CRM platforms. The product videos successfully explain the new offerings in a way that consumers can quickly comprehend, giving them a reason to be interested.

Product Video vs. Branded Video

Product videos differ from branded videos in several distinctive ways. Branded videos are often produced as content and primarily used to familiarize the viewer with the company’s image, whereas product videos typically concentrate on the benefits of using a product or service. Branded videos often aren’t animated, but serve as a way to present testimonials or put a face to a company.

Product videos effectively describe how a product will help the client by demonstrating what problems it can help them solve.

Product Video vs. Screencast Video

A screencast is typically a real-time recording of an individual’s actions as he or she browses the Web or works on a desktop. In many circumstances, screencast tends to be dry and unengaging for viewers, but they can be helpful in certain situations. For instance, when viewing a tutorial, consumers often need to see a product interface for step-by-step instructions, in the form of a how-to, FAQ or customer support video. While screencast is an excellent way to provide assistance for current customers, it’s not the most effective way to win over potential clients.

A good product video truly engages users and helps them understand why they need a product.

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