Explainer Video Styles

Animated Character

This is a very popular style of video and also the most creative. Animated video with characters is a compelling way to quickly and memorably convey complicated information.


Whiteboard is our most popular video style. They’re clean and professional. These videos portray a hand drawing images in black or colored marker on a white background. Whiteboard videos are a captivating strategy for relaying intricate ideas in an intuitive way.

Motion Graphic

Motion graphic video is a really fun style to work with. These videos use the type of visuals you often see in infographics and presenting data in a digestible way making motion graphic an extremely popular choice.

Our Proven, 5-Step Process

Taking a complex problem and making it easy to understand isn’t easy to do. After creating 1,200+ videos, we’ve come up with a process that works really well, and we’ve learned how to stick to it. Our production process is the real key to our success. It allows us to duplicate our success from project to project.

Our 5-step process works like this:

icon-searchPhase One – Discovery: In this phase we learn about your business, your product, and your goals. We then create a minimum of two script concepts and two visual concepts. We get sign-off and approval before moving on to Phase Two.


icon-documents Phase Two – Script: Next, we write the full script based on the approved concept. This is the most important part of the project because the script will make or break the video. We place a lot of emphasis on writing the absolute best script. And again, sign-off and approval are required before moving on.


icon-big-grid Phase Three – Storyboard + Voiceover: We next create a storyboard based on the approved script and visual concepts. This phase includes two review cycles for the storyboard, and a minimum of two male and female voiceover auditions are presented. Sign-off and approval required once again before moving forward.


icon-laptop Phase Four – Animation: This is where the magic happens. We animate the video based on the script and the approved storyboard. Two review cycles are included to make sure we nail this part of the video. Sign-off and approval are required before moving to the final phase of the project.


icon-video Phase Five – Delivery: After the video animation is finalized, we package it into multiple formats and get it ready for downloading and embedding upon final approval.

And that’s how our process works—5-proven steps to create an effective explainer video.

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