Switch Animated

Switch Animated is built from a basic concept for the script and images. In conjunction with feedback and approval processes from the client, Switch produces an animated video using a 5-phase process.

Our illustration team come up with different styles for the characters that will be in the video, as well as a variety of looks for things like text and backgrounds.

After our scriptwriters complete the script, a full storyboard is created. A storyboard is a series of rough sketches that outline the actions that will happen onscreen while each line of the script is read.

Switch Video uses Adobe Flash to animate the style of drawing selected, adding music, sound effects and voice-over. While we do use the Flash program to create motion, keep in mind that before it gets to that point we must draw every single frame of action. It’s a very labor-intensive process (that we love!), and it’s the reason the animated video creation process is a full five weeks.

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