Personalized Video

From Mass Marketing to Personalization

Personalization is dominating the marketing industry. Customers like to be recognized as individuals and research suggests 61% of people feel more positively about a brand when receiving an email containing personalized marketing content. Incorporate video with your personalized marketing content and your email is much more likely to cut through the inbox clutter, increase click-through-rate (CTR) and get more people to engage.

Why Video?

Video is already the most effective marketing tool to engage and connect with customers. Simply adding “video” in an email subject line increases email open rates from 7% to 13%. As a matter of fact, as soon as your recipient opens the email, your video can average a 21% higher conversion rate.

Why is video so engaging? People retain 10% of the information they read because reading only stimulates the visual sense. Also, the chances of someone reading the text on your website is 20%. Convert readers into viewers with a video – 80% of visitors will watch a video on a website. When crafted well, video can stimulate both the auditory and visual senses simultaneously, therefore increasing viewer’s information retention by 58%.

How Personalized Video Works

Think mail merge but for video – technology we’ve developed to change how you can connect with your customers. Utilizing our platform and connecting it to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and/or Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), you can create and send personalized videos to hundreds, thousands, even millions of recipients.

Engagement is automatically tracked to monitor how your videos are performing. The longer prospects and leads watch your video, the higher likelihood they have of converting into a customer. Get this insight to your sales team immediately by integrating the analytics from each recipients’ video views back into your CRM or MAP.

Check out this video we made to explain personalization.

How Your Company Can Use Personalized Video

Sales and prospecting are among the many uses for personalized video. You can use personalized video for any part of the sales funnel:

  • Prospecting for business: Grab their attention by using a personalized video to speak to your leads, relate to their job title, and incorporate market segment insights.
  • Nurturing leads: Understand what your audience is interested in so you can provide them with engaging and relevant content.
  • Sales messages: Personalize a message to let your prospects know you understand their business and challenges.
  • Delivering the perfect proposal: Close the deal with a perfect proposal that is personalized for the committed prospect.

Use personalized video anytime you would use a regular video or text to create a personalized message. Here are a few other examples you can use Switch Merge:

  • Event Marketing: Pre-event, highlight sessions and presentations based on attendees’ interests and previous interaction. Post-event, deliver follow up information based on specific engagement and preferences.
  • New Product Introductions: Launch your new product in a creative and innovative way with a personalized video. Cross-sell or upsell the new product based on what your customers have previously purchased and their current usage patterns.
  • Fundraising Campaigns: Capture your viewer’s attention by letting them know the impact each individual can make with their contributions towards a fundraising initiative.

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