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How Twitter Ads Helped Grow Switch Merge

Social advertising in the B2B marketplace can be tricky, especially trying to serve your tweets and ads to the best audience for your company. Looking for new ways to promote his company, Switch Merge, Andrew Angus dove into the world of Twitter advertising to generate leads and conversation.

Switch Merge is a video personalization application that creates thousands of personalized videos for your prospects, leads or customers. A means of bringing content personalization to the video scene, Switch Merge needed to get in front of professionals working in sales and marketing roles for companies working in the tech and advertising space. Serving ads to a specific target presents a challenge on Twitter, as their demographic filtering isn’t ideal for B2B lead generation. In response, Andrew developed a system using tools like Affinio and Infer to find people using influential social connections.

In this webinar we will discuss the strategies and tools Andrew used including:

  • How to build highly targeted social segments using tools like Affinio to serve your ads to the right prospects.
  • How to use Twitter connections as an indicator to find the prospects that are the best fit for your company.
  • What makes a compelling Twitter offer in a B2B landscape and how to craft lead cards that convert.
  • How Switch Video uses predictive lead scoring tools, like Infer, to connect leads with the right sales person.
  • Closing a deal on Twitter: How to connect and follow up with social leads.

Using these strategies Andrew has put Switch Merge in front of thousands of influential connections in the B2B marketplace and generated hundreds of qualified social leads at at a cost substantially lower than the company’s target cost per lead.

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