Animated Video Series

The Benefits of Using an Animated Video Series

Creating an animated video series enables companies to send a multifaceted message while maintaining brand consistency. Once consumers are familiar with the style of one video, they are more open and responsive to the content of subsequent videos.

The signature visuals alert viewers that they are experiencing your brand without needing to read a wordy explanation, allowing your message to come across loud and clear. The continuity provided by a video series enables viewers to build upon their knowledge of your brand every time they watch a new video.

In addition, once you establish a visual brand, it becomes easier for the video production company to continue making them, translating to cost savings for your business in the long run.

Use Cases of an Animated Video Series

An animated video series has the power to provide a consistent message that may take more than one video to communicate. A series also allows you to create multiple videos with a uniform visual theme that can relay different information or speak to different audiences. For example, with a video series, brands can:

  • Appeal to different audiences or buyer personas – Videos can be aligned to different customers, clients and buyer personas. Businesses are able to appeal to different audiences, while keeping branding consistent.
  • Target buyers in different parts of the sales funnel – An animated video series allows brands to aim messages to potential buyers in different parts of the sales cycle.
  • Highlight different products – A series of videos can be used to feature numerous products offered by one company.

Who Should Produce an Animated Video Series?

When you sell one product to many unique consumers, people are going to respond to different aspects of it. An animated video series is the best way to make sure you’re addressing each individual who wants to understand how your product will benefit them. Any organization that has a wide-ranging audience can reap the benefits of a video series. Here are some examples of businesses that may benefit from an animated video series:

  • Businesses with many products – When you sell a variety products, an animated video series can explain each one with consistent branding.
  • Organizations that have many FAQs – When a community of users shares the same questions, companies can cut back on customer service calls by providing explainer videos that help address these common queries.
  • Companies that need to produce training modules – Step-by-step procedures are quickly and effectively explained through an animated video series. When individuals are learning new procedures, a consistent visual theme helps them retain information from video to video, streamlining the education process.
  • Companies that sell a multiphase product – Products with many purchasing stages will need to have a video that caters to each buyer persona. For instance, executives and decision-makers will require different information from purchasing managers. End-consumers are interested in totally different content as well. A video series allows you to address all these unique individuals.

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