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DynAdmic - John's a Marketer

John's a marketer. He's always looking for new ways to reach his audience. He knows 21 billion videos are viewed online every month. Through the web, mobile and tablets, internet videos are now a daily part of our lives. For John, this is a massive, badly tapped audience. But how can he effectively target viewers?

Introducing DynAdmic. DynAdmic's sophisticated technology scans video content, giving John the power to know the viewer's nterests. A set of technological processes listens to and analyzes the audio track of the video, recognizing sounds, processing signals and language, and making keyword extractions.

And through these keywords John can hyper target as never before. All those video-watching consumers get only the ads they love; ads that speak to who they are and where their interests lie. John knows matching the right ad to the right video will be an effective marketing strategy.

And now, with DynAdmic, he can do exactly that.

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